How To: Driving in the Rain | Auto Repair Youngsville, NC

At Helms Automotive, our auto repair experts in Youngsville, NC are passionate about safety and for good reason. Because we have so much rain in the Spring season, we don’t want anybody getting in unnecessary accidents. That’s why we’ve made this guide. Here are ways you can improve your driving during rainstorms.

1. Drive Slower than Usual

Most hazardous wrecks happen because the driver is going at an excessive speed. When it starts raining, speeding becomes increasingly more dangerous. You could hydroplane, swerve off the road, encounter flooding, etc. There’s no need to rush during a rainstorm, especially if it puts your safety at risk.

2. Make Sure Your Headlights Are On

When it starts raining, you should immediately put those on. Sometimes when you’re driving for a long stretch or if it starts raining during the day, you can forget. Just rewire your brain to turn on headlights as soon as you see rain. Headlights can help signal to other drivers where you are during heavy rain.

3. Give Yourself  Plenty of Space

It takes longer to stop in rainy weather. Make sure that you leave ample space between yourself and the driver in front of you. You should also be aware of the person behind you. If they’re tailing you, then you should go a little slower to decrease the risk of them slamming into you if you have to make a sudden stop.

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