5 Tips for Night Driving | Auto Repair Youngsville NC

Working in auto repair in Youngsville, NC, we care deeply about our customers staying safe. Though driving at night is inevitable, it does carry a lot of risks. With that in mind, here are 5 tips for night driving from our experts.

1. Make Sure Your Windows Are Clean

Make sure that you a regularly checking the cleanliness of your headlights, taillights, signal lights, and windows. Having these clean can make the whole difference in optimizing your eyesight for night driving. These are absolutely essential for road safety and should be regularly checked. If you know you’ll be driving late, make sure you check these before you head out.

2. Remember to Slow Down

There’s absolutely no need to speed when it gets dark. Make sure you reduce your speed and increase your following distances. Stick to the speed limit and make sure that the speed you’re going at will let you come to a complete stop within the distance you have illuminated by your headlights.

3. Stay on the Right Edge of the Road

Sometimes there will be somebody coming to the opposite direction that is blasting your high beams. If you are blinded by oncoming lights, use the right edge of the road as a visual guide and don’t over do the speed. Go with your gut and pull over if you have to.

4. Always Be Scanning

Make sure that you keep your eyes moving. Do not focus on one area. This will help prevent you from succumbing to fatigue. This is also a good practice to look out for hazards, like deer or debris on the road.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break

You’re human. Even though it would be more efficient to “keep on truckin,” you still need to listen to your body. It’s also a safety matter. It’s not worth falling asleep at the matter and putting yourself and others in danger. Listen to your body and pull over when you need to. Make sure your periodically planning breaks for yourself with snacks, a nap, or light exercise to keep you from getting stiff.

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