3 Easy Car Maintenance Tips|Auto Repair Youngsville NC

As auto repair experts in Youngsville, NC, we know more than most that regular car maintenance is essential. That being said, it can also be difficult to know where to get started. With that in mind, here are 3 easy car maintenance tips to try.

1. Have Your Oil Changed

First, you will want to get your oil and filters changed. Nothing pushes your oil harder than driving in the heat of summer. So before you start adding those hard miles to your engine, make sure your oil is fresh. Your air filters are important this time of year, too, as there are more allergens and dust in the air. When you start cranking up your AC this season, you will be glad you had its filter changed.

2. Get Your Tires Checked

Next, make sure all your tires are checked and rotated. Proper inflation is extremely important, especially as roads get hot in the summer. It can save you money at the gas pump, and it can save wear on your tires. You might even look at getting your alignment checked, as that is important in keeping your tires in good condition.

3. Make Sure to Check Fluids

Something else important for summer driving is to make sure all of your fluids are at the proper levels. Coolant is vital during those hot days on the asphalt, as are proper levels of brake, power steering, and transmission fluids. Seasonal weather changes can affect the levels of all of these, so getting them checked at the start of summer is always a good idea.

Want More Auto Repair Help?

When it comes to auto repair, at Helms Automotive, we believe that it’s so important to take part in scheduled maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. The best way to do that is by partnering with auto repair specialists that can do it right. Our expert auto repair technicians are trained to perform diagnostic and repair services on every make and model. In addition, we make sure you can get factory recommended maintenance service all year long. We are proud to partner with you to make sure your car is getting the care in needs in Youngsville, NC. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!